Model Deployment in Mixed-version Environments

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  • 17-Jan-2013
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Verastream Host Integrator


If you have mismatched Verastream Host Integrator (VHI) versions in your environment, you may encounter an error when attempting to deploy models to a remote server.

A typical scenario in which you may see the following errors is when running 32-bit Development Kit (version 7.1.x) to deploy a model to a 64-bit session server (version 7.5). The error message that displays depends on the method you use to deploy a model.

Using activatemodel

When attempting to deploy a model using the activatemodel command, it may fail with the following errors:

Cannot establish management session with VHI server 'myremoteservername'
Connection not allowed to this version of product.

Using Design Tool

When attempting to deploy a model using Design Tool, it may fail with the following error:

Figure 1. Design Tool deployment error: [VHI 2758] No Verastream server was found at this location.
Figure 1. Design Tool deployment error: [VHI 2758] No Verastream server was found at this location.


Generally, to avoid compatibility issues, all systems in your installation environment (development, test, or production) should run the same version of Verastream Host Integrator components.


If the session server is running a newer version, it has backward compatibility to run models created by older versions of Development Kit. To deploy your model to a newer server, complete the following steps:

  1. On the older Development Kit system, create a model package (.zip file) with the packagemodel command.
  1. Copy the .zip file to a system running the newer version of VHI.
  2. Deploy the model package to the newer session servers using the activatemodel command.

For information about compatibility settings for VHI, see the "Compatibility Settings for Host Integrator Upgrades" topic in the VHI User Guide. For example, in VHI 7.6, see

Note: This workaround is not supported if the model is created by a Development Kit version that is newer than the session server version, due to incompatibilities caused by new settings. Attempting to deploy to an older server can result in the following error:

[2756] Verastream <server version> cannot load models or configurations from later versions of the product. Please use version <model version> or newer to load this file.

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