Web Services Target Namespace in Verastream Host Integrator

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Verastream Host Integrator


This technical note describes the default targetNamespace in Verastream Host Integrator (VHI) web services WSDL and schema, and how to customize it.

When you import a web services WSDL into your SOAP tool, a unique targetNamespace value is used to avoid conflicts. If the targetNamespace changes (such as when upgrading VHI), you may need to re-import the WSDL.


Default Values

The following table lists the default target namespace values by VHI product version:

VHI Version
WSDL Default Target Namespace
7.5 SP1 or higher
urn:xmlns:attachmate:vhi-ws:<model name>
7.0 - 7.5
urn:xmlns:attachmate:vhi-ws:session:<pool name>
7.0 - 7.5
Non-pooled (model)
urn:xmlns:attachmate:vhi-ws:model:<model name>
6.6.189 - 6.6.222
.NET and Java
urn:xmlns:attachmate:vhi-wb-ws:<project name>
5.5 - 6.6.188
5.0 - 6.6.188
http://<host name>:<port>/axis/services/<project name>

Customizing the Target Namespace

There are several methods available for modifying the namespace, depending on your product version.

Administrative Console

Beginning in version 7.5 SP1, you can set a custom target namespace prefix in Administrative Console (in Session Server Properties > Web Services). The model name gets appended to this prefix. Note: Beginning in version 7.7, this option is no longer recommended.

Beginning in version 7.7, you can view and set model- and pool-specific custom namespaces in Administrative Console (in Model Properties and Pool Properties respectively). Note: Values set in Administrative Console may be overwritten by subsequent model deployment.

Deployment Descriptor

Beginning in version 7.7, you can set a model- or pool-specific custom namespace in the model deployment descriptor (deploy_desc.xml file). In the <model-configuration> or <pool-configuration> node (just before the </model-configuration> or </pool-configuration> line), add the following:


where my-namespace is the desired custom target namespace.

For complete deployment descriptor XML examples, see http://docs2.attachmate.com/verastream/vhi/7.7/en/topic/com.attachmate.vhi.help/html/reference/deploy_descriptor.xhtml.

Modify plugin-cfg.xml File

In versions 7.5 SP1 through 7.6 SP1, to set a model- or pool-specific custom namespace, complete the following steps:

  1. Edit the plugin-cfg.xml file located in the %VHI_ROOT%/sesssrvr/services/ws/META-INF directory.
  2. Before the </properties> line, add one or more lines using the following syntax:
<entry key="model.model-name.namespace">urn:xmlns:my-namespace</entry>


<entry key="session.pool-name.namespace">urn:xmlns:my-namespace</entry>

where model-name is the target model, or pool-name is the target pool, and my-namespace is the desired custom target namespace.

  1. After saving changes, restart the session server service as described in KB 7021352.

Legacy Web Service Projects

For web service Web Builder projects created in version 6.6 and earlier, and running in a later version, you can add or modify a targetnamespace=<value> line in the project.properties file.

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