A Fake Physical Migration to a Hyper-V Server Hangs After the Data Transfer

  • 7021298
  • 06-Sep-2017
  • 22-Sep-2017


PlateSpin Migrate 11.x, 12.x


A migration, where the target virtual machine (VM) is a fake physical on a Hyper-V server, stalls after the data transfer (sending files and receiving files) completes. The message displayed in the Migrate Client will be ERROR: "The Configuration service in the target machine does not seem to have started". From the target VM's console, it can be seen that the NIC and mouse drivers are missing.


It is necessary to install the Hyper-V tools on the target and may also be necessary to reboot the target. 

Also, if the version of Hyper-V is supported for a fully automatic migration, performing a fully automatic migration should bypass this problem and not require any manual intervention.


The missing drivers for the devices need to be installed, so installing the Hyper-V tools on the target will make those drivers available to the target VM. 


Additional Information

The product's documentation will have details on which version or versions of Hyper-V are supported for a fully automatic migration.