Username of Windows logon is different from configured 'Local username' at OES Login 'Advanced Settings' 'Windows'tab

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  • 31-Aug-2017
  • 20-Sep-2017


Client for Open Enterprise Server 2 SP4 (Novell Client)


Originally the eDirectory and local Windows username and password were the same and only network logon was to eDirectory.

Workstation has now joined an Active Directory domain and AD username is different from eDirectory username.

OES Login is maintained as primary login and the AD username, like MYDOMAIN\MYACCOUNT is configured as 'Local username' at the OES Login > 'Advanced Settings' > 'Windows' tab.

Despite the configuration of the different 'Local username', the original Windows username (which is the same as the eDirectory username) is still used for Windows logon.


Exclude affected workstations from the ZCM DLU Policy.


A ZCM DLU Policy overrode the 'Local username' configuration.