How to determine the version of iPrint Client installed to desktops

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  • 29-Aug-2017
  • 10-Oct-2019


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How can I find out which versions of the iPrint Client for Windows and Mac are installed on workstations throughout my network?

There are times when a version of the iPrint Client needs to be upgraded.  How can I know if all the workstations got the update?  Which versions are currently installed?


The steps below are demonstrated in this video.
  • Capture a LAN trace from the iPrint Server
    • During a time when workstations are communicating to the iPrint Server, run the following command within a terminal session:
      • tcpdump -s 0 -w /tmp/iPrintClientVersion.cap
    • Let this run for a few minutes, then stop the capture by doing a ctrl + c within the tcpdump session.
  • Copy the /tmp/iPrintClientVersion.cap file to a Windows or Mac workstation which has Wireshark installed.
  • Download and install Wireshark from if it is not already installed.  Choose the default installation options.
  • Open the trace file using Wireshark.
  • Create a filter to find all packets which show the version of the iPrint client.
    • Click within the Apply a display filter ... <Ctrl-/> window
      • Upper left
      • Paste the following string into the window
        • tcp contains 0d:0a:55:73:65:72:2d:41:67:65:6e:74:3a:20:4e:6f:76:65:6c:6c
      • Hit ENTER or click the Blue Arrow button (Upper right)
  • Click the Source column to sort by the sending IP address
  • Arrow down while looking at the bytes portion of the packets.  Look for User-Agent:  Novell iPrint Client and the version number that follows.
Below are some examples of filters which can be applied to query for specific client versions:
Novell iPrint Client (Linux) - v06.04:
tcp contains 4e:6f:76:65:6c:6c:20:69:50:72:69:6e:74:20:43:6c:69:65:6e:74:20:28:4c:69:6e:75:78:29:20:2d:20:76:30:36:2e:30:34

Novell iPrint Client (Linux) - v06.10:
tcp contains 4e:6f:76:65:6c:6c:20:69:50:72:69:6e:74:20:43:6c:69:65:6e:74:20:28:4c:69:6e:75:78:29:20:2d:20:76:30:36:2e:31:30

Novell iPrint Client (Linux) - v06.11:
tcp contains 4e:6f:76:65:6c:6c:20:69:50:72:69:6e:74:20:43:6c:69:65:6e:74:20:28:4c:69:6e:75:78:29:20:2d:20:76:30:36:2e:31:31

Novell iPrint Client - v06.09:
tcp contains 4e:6f:76:65:6c:6c:20:69:50:72:69:6e:74:20:43:6c:69:65:6e:74:20:2d:20:76:30:36:2e:30:39
Novell iPrint Client - v06.11:
tcp contains 4e:6f:76:65:6c:6c:20:69:50:72:69:6e:74:20:43:6c:69:65:6e:74:20:2d:20:76:30:36:2e:31:31

Novell iPrint Client - v06.18:
tcp contains 4e:6f:76:65:6c:6c:20:69:50:72:69:6e:74:20:43:6c:69:65:6e:74:20:2d:20:76:30:36:2e:31:38