Create new user in Web Console fails to set UPN Suffix

  • 7021242
  • 24-Aug-2017
  • 07-Sep-2017


NetIQ Directory and Resource Administrator 9.1.0
NetIQ Directory and Resource Administrator REST Services 9.1.0
NetIQ Directory and Resource Administrator Web Client 9.1.0


The DRA Web Client allows the DRA Users to create a new AD user. As a part of this process, the DRA user is required to choose the correct AD Domain Suffix for the new user. In some cases this will result in a failure when trying to choose the AD Domain Suffix


This fix requires changes to one JSON files used by the DRA Client. These files must be changed on every IIS Server hosting the DRAClient website.

  1. File Location -- C:\inetpub\wwwroot\DRAClient\components\lib\ui-templates\custom\user-create-pages.json
    1. Locate the starting section for {"contentType":"upn"
    2. Insert the line  "suffixAttributeName": "upnSuffixes", into the section
    3. The new section will look like:
    4.   {
                 "contentType": "upn",
                 "label": "User Logon Name",
                 "dataField": "userPrincipalName",
                 "required": true,
                 "suffixAttributeName": "upnSuffixes",
                 "maxlength": 64,
                 "notPopulatedInCloning": true,

Additional Information

NetIQ recommends that you create a back up of all files before any changes are made.
This issue applies to only the product versions listed within the environment section.
This change must be made on every IIS Server.

Please also see KB 7021241 , for additional changes requires on the User Property file within the \Custom folder as well.