Can you install netflow Collector manager on top of collector manager appliance?

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  • 23-Aug-2017
  • 09-Nov-2017


Sentinel 7.4 Collector Manager
Sentinel 8.0 Collector Manager
Sentinel Netflow Collector Manager


No existing licenses for a full SUSE install.  So doing a Netflow install on top of an existing Collector Manager Appliance so it overwrites the collector manager component but leaves the OS in place.


This can not be done on any version. The soft client sees the install as a full overwrite so will not let the collector manager be removed. To install the Netflow connector it must be installed on a full OS.

Sentinel Collector Manager is already installed. We recommend that you do not install Sentinel Netflow Collector Manager over an existing Sentinel Collector Manager install.

A partial installation of Sentinel Netflow Collector Manager exists. Execute uninstall-netflow before attempting to re-install.”