REST Web Console custom tab attribute picker fails to search on name property

  • 7021230
  • 23-Aug-2017
  • 07-Sep-2017


Directory and Resource Administrator 9.1.0
Directory and Resource Administrator REST Services 9.1.0
Directory and Resource Administrator REST Web Console 9.1.0


Within the REST Web Console the ability exists to customize the user pages. This is done using the customize Web Console option, from within the Web Console. This will allow the DRA Product Administrator the ability to add additional fields to the pages within the Web Console. When adding a new field, that field must be associated with an attribute managed by DRA. The customization wizard provides a search box, allowing the DRA Product Administrator the ability to search for an attribute. This search will allow you to search for an attribute by certain properties. One property is the name of the attribute. When searching by name of attribute, the Web Console will return an error: Error The value name can't be NULL. Parameter Name: Input.


Within the IIS Folder on each Web Server, you will need to edit two specific files. This edit will need to be done on every IIS sever hosting the DRAClient Website.

  • File # 1 -- C:\inetpub\wwwroot\DRAClient\components\lib\ui-templates\attribute-search-criteria.json
  1. Locate Line 7
  2. Change the text FROM "attributeName": "name", TO "attributeName": "nameValue",
  • File # 2 -- c:\inetpub\wwwroot\draclient\locale\en-us\localized.json
  1. Locate line 496
  2. Change the text from "name": "Name", TO "nameValue": "Name",

Additional Information

The text changes listed above are the exact text to be changed, including the quotation marks. It is recommended to create a backup of both files before making any changes. You will need to restart the IIS sever, and start a new Web browser session; before the changes apply. These changes do not automatically replicate between IIS Severs.

This issue applies only to the product versions listed within the Environment section.