iPrint Appliance migration with large iprintconfig.zip spins, doesn't progress

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  • 23-Aug-2017
  • 30-Aug-2017


Micro Focus iPrint Appliance


When migrating or upgrading the iPrint Appliance using the iprintconfig.zip method, the browser spins after selecting the iprintconfig.zip file.  No progress is made and no error message is returned.


Manually copy the large iprintconfig.zip to the new server and complete the migration:
  1. Go to the original iPrint Appliance Management console.
    • https://<address>:9443
  2. Choose Backup
    • Check the box for Include Local Driver Store
    • Click the Backup Now button
    • Click the Download Backup File link
    • Save the iprintconfig.zip to your local machine.
  3. Shutdown the original iPrint Appliance server
  4. Start up a new appliance with the same IP address and DNS name.
  5. Copy the iprintconfig.zip to the new server
    • When prompted to go to the https://<address>:9443 page:
      • enable SSH
      • log in at the terminal session as root, and type:
        • rcsshd start
      • connect to the server using WinSCP
      • browse to the /vastorage directory.
      • create a folder named:
        • backup
      • copy the iprintconfig.zip file to the /vastorage/backup directory using WinSCP
  6. Go to https://<address>:9443
    • Because the iprintconfig.zip is copied to the /vastorage/backup directory, a message will read:
      • Previous appliance configuration detected
    • Click the Migrate Existing iPrint Appliance button.
    • Supply the password for cn=admin,o=iPrintAppliance and click Finish


If the iprintconfig.zip file is larger than a few gigabytes, tomcat cannot handle the file copy.