Trusted App Key Not Working With Stubbing Server

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  • 23-Aug-2017
  • 15-Sep-2021


Retain 3.x+
1+ Stubbing server on Retain


When setting up stubbing server and using the Trusted App Name and Key, the test of the connection works but when trying to use the GroupWise client that is trying to stub, it fails to connect with invalid username/password message.  In the stubbing server log file, you would see this error message:

FATAL com.gwava.workerutils.ErrorHandle - reportError: loginRequest :: com.gwava.gwarchive.GroupWiseArchiveImpl.loginRequest:1083 :: invalid credentials: (Trusted App Name); (Trusted App Key)


Retain is coded to only use a App Key that has the name "retain".  If the trusted app key is anything else like "Retain 1", "George", "Timmy", "POA Name", etc... then the connection will not work automatically. 

This was done by design, meant as an additional security measure. Connection failure will occur especially if there are multiple stubbing servers installed.

The issue is resolved by going into your stubbing server and edit the file ~/RetainStubServer/WEB-INF/classes/config/, and editing the following lines:

trustedapp.key.list=(key hash) name)

For Example, if the Key Name was Retain Test, then the lines would look like this:

trustedapp.key.list=EEED5B0105CC00009FBE4D397AB3890DEEED5B0205CC0000AA5EA1DA03A84BD1 Test

Save the file
Restart Tomcat

Stubbing with the new Trusted App Key will now work.  If you have multiple stubbing servers, you will need to make this edit on each stubbing server you have with the corresponding Key and Name you wish to use.