Error: "The folder is not accessible"

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  • 22-Aug-2017
  • 22-Aug-2017


Filr 3.1.2


When trying to access certain Net Folders, some users receive an error:

A Message from Filr... 
The folder is not accessible.


Add the user (individually or as a member of a group) to the Net Folder.

1. Open the Port 8443 Administration Console 
    a. In the browser, navigate to <DNS name or IP Address of Filr appliance>:8443
    b. Login as admin
    c. Click on the username in the upper right, and select "Administrative Console"
2. Select "Net Folders" from the left menu
3. Click on the name of the Net Folder
4. Choose the "Rights" tab
5. Add the user or group and select the rights to be granted, then click "OK"

To add a new user to a group which already has been granted rights in Filr Administrative Console, add the user to the group using iManager, then, in the 8443 Administration Console, choose "LDAP" under the "System" section in the left menu, the choose the "Sync All" option.


The user does not have rights to access the Net Folder.