New Tickets from Email get created with the same Ticket Number as Existing Tickets and then go Missing

  • 7021207
  • 16-Aug-2017
  • 16-Aug-2017


Service Desk 7.x NSD Operations


  • Email Polling is enabled in Service Desk
  • Create/Update via Email is enabled in Service Desk
  • Running Service Desk in a test environment with a copy of the production Service Desk database
  • Customer sends an email to create an Incident/Request
  • Customer and Technician get a response email indicating an Incident/Request was created
  • Incident/Request number in the response email sometimes refers to an already existing Incident/Request in Service Desk
  • Date Opened in the bad response email may be in the future or the past
  • A strange template reference like the following may appear in the bad response email:


Do one of the following:
  • Isolate the test Service Desk server from the main email system
  • Configure the test Service Desk server to point to a different email polling address


The test and production Service Desk servers point at the same email polling address. Some emails get polled by the test server, and some get polled by the production server.

This issue can happen any time a Service Desk database backup is restored to another server and both servers are up at the same time.

Additional Information

Depending on where the test Service Desk server is located, there may be a strange email server address in the headers of the bad email responses.