Some IDM Reports fail to complete

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  • 08-Aug-2017
  • 08-Aug-2017


Identity Manager 4.6 Reporting Module


Some reports fail to complete. The details option shows an error similar to:

An error was detected while running report 'Authentication_by_User': Error executing SQL statement for : TemplateReport. ERROR: relation "idm_rpt_cfg.idmrpt_auth_by_user_v" does not exist


In the Download page there can be up to three (3) icons after the report name:

#1 (going from left to right) is the generated rpz

#2 (going from left to right) is the source zip of the report

#3 (going from left to right) *if it is there) is an "additional" zip file that will have sql files for the databases supported at that time.  There is a README file in the zip that outlines what to do.

Execute the included SQL statements appropriate to your sql database to update or create the required views.


This is caused by updating or downloading reports that require extra steps to update the sql database.