Updating the Filr Desktop client hangs

  • 7021168
  • 03-Aug-2017
  • 16-Aug-2017


Micro Focus Filr 3
Micro Focus Filr Desktop client 3.2


In some Windows systems, when updating the Filr Desktop client to a newer version (for example from 3.1 to 3.2), the update hangs and never completes. When this happens, Windows explorer may also become unavailable. If the system is rebooted, and the installation re-attempted the update completes without any problem.


A fix for this issue is available in the Filr 3.2.1 Update. With the fix in place, if a Windows Update was installed and waiting for system reboot, the Filr Desktop client installer will detect and inform the user that the system requires a reboot before the installation can continue.


If there were Windows Updates downloaded and installed in the background prior to running the Filr Desktop client installer, the Filr installer cannot continue until Windows has been rebooted to complete/finalize the Windows Updates. This was the root cause due to which Filr installer could not complete.