Error 400 BAD_INPUT when attempting to delete a file from Filr Desktop client

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  • 01-Aug-2017
  • 16-Aug-2017


Micro Focus Filr 3
Micro Focus Filr Desktop client 3.2


When attempting to delete an online or offline file from the Filr Desktop client area, the file is not deleted and the following exception is logged in the Desktop client's filr.log file:

2017-06-22 12:37:52,756 [watchdog-handler] [INFO] Processing event: <FileDeletedEvent: src_path=C:\Users\jdoe\AppData\Local\Filr Storage\My Files\helloWorld.txt>. (aca.filesync2.watcher.local)
2017-06-22 12:37:52,756 [watchdog-handler] [INFO] File deleted: C:\Users\jdoe\AppData\Local\Filr Storage\My Files\helloWorld.txt (aca.filesync2.watcher.local)
2017-06-22 12:37:55,282 [file-event-processor] [WARNING] Exception: <class 'aca.excepts.HttpError'> (aca.excepts)
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "aca\filesync2\processor\local.pyo", line 1026, in ProcessDeletedFileChange
HttpError: (400) {"code":"BAD_INPUT","message":"Operation not allowed in the system"}
2017-06-22 12:37:55,283 [file-event-processor] [WARNING] Failed to process action (local_change) "3:local_change:DeletedFile:('file', u'-100_s78e7981989c1919887715ccf60981a0824')": RetryableProcessingError: None (aca.filesync2.actions)


A fix for this issue is available in the Filr 3.2.1 Update.

Additional Information

Note that this issue only affects Filr sites where adding comments to entries is disallowed.