Expanding the Filr /var drive fails if any terminal session to the appliance is active

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  • 29-Jul-2017
  • 08-Feb-2018


Micro Focus Filr appliance
Micro Focus Filr Search appliance
Micro Focus Filr MySQL appliance


When attempting to use the Filr Appliance Configuration (9443) interface to expand the /var drive, the additional space allocated to the disk is displayed but clicking on the button to expand does not work and re-directs the administrator back to the previous page.

This issue does not occur if all active terminal sessions to the appliance (such as the VMWare console) are closed before performing the expansion.


A fix for this issue is available in the Filr 3.2.1 Update.

Additional Information

Known Limitation:
When expanding the disks in the Citrix Xen Environment, if both the /vastorage and /var disks are expanded at the same time, the /var disk fails to mount.
When expanding the disks, it is recommended to expand one disk at a time through 9443 Administration page to avoid any disk mounting failures.