“Access Denied” when accessing Advanced Authentication Helpdesk page

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  • 25-Jul-2017
  • 25-Jul-2017


Advanced Authentication
Advanced Authentication Framework
AAF 5.x


Unable to access the help desk portal with an “enrollment admin”  
Unable to access helpdesk as local admin. 
“Access Denied” error when going to https://something.com/helpdesk 


Make sure that
 - The  "Enroll Admins" (help desk employees) group is associated to a chain, and that 
 - That same chain is associated with the helpdesk event.    And that
 - "Helpdesk User" has an associated chain.  This is required for a user to be managed in the help desk page


Access the admin portal at https://something.com/admin,  
Go into "Chains"  Create a new chain or edit and existing chain, 
Add  "Enroll Admins" to the "Roles and Groups" list 
Go into "Events"  Edit "Helpdesk"  and add the chain from the previous step

Additional Information

Steps to duplicate the problem:
- In the admin portal, edit the “local” repository and create a user
- On the “Global roles” tab, add the new user to the “Enroll Admins” list
- Go to the helpdesk portal at https://something.com/helpdesk  and attempt to authenticate as the new user.
- “Access Denied” error will be returned.