DRA powershell CMD fails to set an Interger based value on AD Attribute

  • 7021113
  • 19-Jul-2017
  • 14-Aug-2017


Directory and Resource Administrator 9.1.x
DRA REST Services 9.1.x
DRA Powershell Extensions 9.1.x


Within Directory Resource Administrator the ability exists to use a Windows Powershell CMD as an interface for DRA Server operations. Some AD object property values allow for setting an integer as their value. The DRA powershell allows you to pass the numerical value to be set over to the DRA Server.


When using the DRA Powershell CMD line, you must not enclose numerical integer values within Quotes ( “ “ ). We now allow for sending the value directly as a numerical value to DRA.

Additional Information

This behavior has changed in 9.1.x from DRA 9.0.x. Under DRA 9.0.x there was a requirement to use quotes.