Windows Server WebAccess - Service Not Available (Java heap space)

  • 7021100
  • 14-Jul-2017
  • 18-Jul-2017


Novell GroupWise
Windows Server 2012


When loading WebAccess, it times out and states "Service Not Available"
The WebAccess log at C:\Novell\Groupwise\WebAccess\logs only showed "[EA06] Invalid Session String"
The Tomcat log at C:\Novell\tomcat8\logs\catalina.(date) stated the real reason of the tomcat crash.
Java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java Heap space


  1. Change the Java Heap memory size
    • Browse to C:\Novell\tomcat8\bin and execute the application tomcat8w.exe
    • Select the Java tab, then set Initial memory pool: and Maximum memory pool: to something higher
      Note: default minimum is 128 MB, maximum 256 MB
  2. Restart Apache Tomcat
    • Open Component Services - Server Manager > Tools > Component Services
    • Select Services (Local)
    • Select Apache Tomcat > click the Restart link


Java heap size should be bigger depending on the number of users using WebAccess.