Email not recieved on mobile device

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  • 13-Jul-2017
  • 13-Jul-2017


Novell ZENworks Configuration Management 2017


User cannot receive email on Mobile Device. The device enrolls but email will not come down.  When looking at the mail profile on the device, even though the user enrolled with username only, after it brings down the mail profile it lists the user full  email address as the username.  The user is unable to authenticate to ActiveSync with their full email address.


Consider Update to ZCM 2017 Update 1.   See What's New Reference at

ZENworks 2017 Update 1 allows the Administrator to configure the attribute with which ActiveSync will authenticate the device for email.  

This setting can be configured at either the user folder level or user level.

To modify this at the User Folder level, in ZCC navigate to Users - User Source - Select Details on the User Folder.  To modify this directly for an individual user, go into the User Source - Select the user in question and look under Details.  In either of these locations there is an ActiveSync Server Logon Attribute. This value needs to be set for the appropriate attribute in LDAP that represents the proper username required to authenticate to ActiveSync. 

If the setting is set at the folder level, it will be applicable for all users in it by default. If the value is set at the user level, it will override the value set at folder level only for that user.


Prior to Update 1, this field was not configurable and only email address was used.  Therefore users had to be able to authenticate to the ActiveSync server with the email address to receive mail.  That is no longer required in 2017 Update 1 because the username attribute can now be customized for the environment.