Login Script error: "LOGIN-LGNWNT32-740: This utility could not execute external program"

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  • 12-Jul-2017
  • 12-Jul-2017


Client for Open Enterprise Server 2 SP4


When executing certain commands using the "#" or "@" login script commands, the error is returned:
LOGIN-LGNWNT32-740: This utility could not execute external program 


Disable UAC. This can be accomplished using Control Panel > User Accounts and Family Safety > User Accounts > Change User Account Control Settings > set slider bar to botton (Never Modify).

In some cases, it may be necessary to modify the registry. In REGEDIT.EXE, navigate to 
and set "EnableLUA" to "0" (zero).

A reboot in required in either case.


The program being executed in the login script (e.g. REGEDIT.EXE) requires elevated rights, which are not available to the logged-on user.

In the usual case (i.e. a non-Administrative user), when the user logs on, Windows creates a session with the user's normal non-Administrators rights.  It is this session which the Client for OES is using when the login script executes. When running an application which requires elevation, there is currently no way for the application to prompt the user, so the application simply exits with Exit Status: -1073740756 (STATUS_ELEVATION_REQUIRED). The login script results window displays this as "LOGIN-LGNWNT32-740: This utility could not execute external program".


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Additional Information

See TID 7009906 for more information about UAC.