After changing language, duplicate 'My Files' 'Net Folders' and 'Shared with Me' folders are created

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  • 29-Jun-2017
  • 29-Jun-2017


Filr 3.2
Mac OS X 10.10


After changing the language on a Mac workstation (e.g. from English to German), a duplicate 'set of My Files' 'Net Folders' and 'Shared with Me' folders are created with the new language, such that two folders exist for each entry (e.g. "Net Folders" and "Netzwerkordner"). 

If the language is changed back to the original configuration, the duplicate folder remain.

The problem is not observed in a fresh installation of the Filr Desktop Application after changing the language.


There is currently no provision for changing languages after the Filr Desktop Application has been installed.

If the language needs to be changed, uninstall and install the Filr client after changing the language. Alternatively, the configuration and Database files that were created in English language should be removed manually. 

Database Location: "$HOME/Library/Application Support/Novell/Filr/"


Once Filr is configured for English language, the top level folders and folder structure are populated automatically in merged view database based on the settings.conf that is created by the Sync application.