How to move server from one context to another context

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  • 26-Jun-2017
  • 28-Jun-2017


NetIQ iManager


How to move server from one context / Organization / Organization Unit to another context/Organization/Organization Unit
Server was created in the wrong context by mistake, how to move to the proper, correct context


  1. Login to iManager | Select Directory Administration | Select Move Object | Browse to Select the objects you want to move from the Object name  and  select all the objects from the server you want to move the objects from and Select the right path where you want to move the server objects from Move to field | Select OK.
  2. Now the the server objects should be moved to the context you specified from iManager
  3. Run the following command ndsrepair -E to make sure that the sync of the server is good with no errors.


If the server is created in wrong context by mistake, these are the alternative steps to follow.