ZCM Crashes due to SLES 11SP4 Kernel Update 3.0.101-104.2 or SLES 12 SP2 4.4.59-92.20.2

  • 7021007
  • 22-Jun-2017
  • 29-Jun-2017


Novell ZENworks Configuration Management


After applying SLES 11SP4 Kernel Update 3.0.101-104.2, the ZCM Primary servers are no longer functional due to Java services crashing.

SLES 12 SP2 4.4.59-92.20.2  will also cause the same issue.


The SuSE team has put out patch for kernel 3.0.101-107 which does not have the problem.


Java processes crash following the new kernel update to address the "Stack Clash" vulnerability.


Reported to Engineering

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