iPrint Online Update Registration fails with RPC Communication Error - Status Code 500

  • 7021005
  • 21-Jun-2017
  • 25-Feb-2019


Micro Focus iPrint Appliance 3.0


The iPrint Online Update Registration fails with:
RPC Communication Error
An error occurred while communicating with the server. Status code: 500 (The call failed on the server; see server logs for details)


There are a few causes and solutions to the symptom listed above.  Below lists different solutions.  Find the solution that best fits your server's scenario:
  1. Old Update Channel Certificate
    • Around February of 2019, Micro Focus updated the security certificate on the iPrint Appliance update server.  This change requires your iPrint Appliance server to have a new certificate file.  If the list of updates is simply blank, apply this update.  If you are seeing an error, follow these steps:
      • Unregister the iPrint Appliance server from the update channel by pasting the following command into a terminal session:
        • suse_register -E
      • Register using the following command:
        • Syntax:
          • suse_register -a email="<your email address>" -a regcode-iprint="<registration key>"
        • Example:
          • suse_register -a email="myemail@domain.com" -a regcode-iprint="4580hdhfvs365045sa79a"
      • Download and apply the iPrint Appliance GPG Key Update.
  2. Inadvertent Space
    • When double-clicking the Activation Key from the customer portal page to highlight the text, it appears as if only the key is highlighted.  After copying that, then pasting the string into the "Activation Key" field, carefully look for  a trailing space, and possibly a preceding space, that were pasted into the Activation Field.  Remove the trailing and preceding space, whichever exists. Then click the "Register" button.
  3. Firewall:
    • Allow port 443 traffic to www.novell.com.
      • To determine if this is the problem, open a terminal session (putty or other tool), and type the following while logged in as root:
        • telnet www.novell.com 443
          • If the following is returned:
            • Trying
              telnet: connect to address Connection refused
              • then you must configure the server to allow port 443 traffic to www.novell.com
          • If the following is returned:
            • Trying
              Connected to www.novell.com.
              Escape character is '^]'.
              • then the firewall is not the cause of the problem.
  4. Accidental Local SMT configuration:
    • When registering for updates, the option exists to define a Local SMT server to retrieve updates from.  The above error can occur when pointing to an invalid SMT server.  To correct this:
      • Open the /tmp/suseRegister.conf file.
        • Change the url= line to look like:
          • url = https://secure-www.novell.com/center/regsvc/
        • Save the change.
      • Activate the registration again.

Additional Information

To register an iPrint Appliance for Online Updates:
  • go to https://<address>:9443
    • log in as the vaadmin user
  • click the "Online Update" option
    • the last option within the "Appliance Configuration" section
  • click the "Register" button.
    • provide the email address tied to the account which is authorized to use the product.
    • provide the iPrint Appliance Activation Key from your Micro Focus customer portal.