IDM Passsync Troubleshooting Tool is denied access to registry key.

  • 7020983
  • 17-Jun-2017
  • 12-Mar-2018


Identity Manager 4.6
Active Directory Password Synchronization


Using the Passsync Troubleshooting Tool to check Active Directory Password Synchronization.
This tool is a windows executable and can be found on the install media in the \setup\utilities\PassSyncTroubleshootingTool folder.

When running the Domain Controller Check, the following error is generated

Error occurred while opening the registry key[SOFTWARE\NOVELL\PWFILTER\DATA]. Access is denied.

This happens even when using the Domain Administrator account


Run regedit and right click on the key
and select Permissions.
Select the Advanced option and add the Administrators Group.
Set the Read permission.
Make sure the box labeled "Replace all child object permission entries with inheritable permission entries from this object"
is checked.


This registry key is protected by a trusted installer. By default, Administrator does not have the read permission.