Change the qms logout link

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  • 23-Feb-2016
  • 07-Aug-2017


Gwava QMS.


Change the qms logout link


How to change the logout button link in the qms.

 Steps to resolve it:

  1. Putty to the server
  2. From the server go to the directory  "/opt/beginfinite/gwava/services/qms/http/contents"
  3. Edit the logout.shtml file.  "vi logout.shtml"
  4. Type i (for insert)
  5. go down and look for this section

  1. Change the "url=login.shtml" to whatever you would like. "url=" ( my example )

  1. once you have changed that go ahead and  Hit escape :wq
  2. Restart gwavaman and you are good

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