Reading Migration Toolkit Logs and location

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  • 22-Mar-2016
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Migration ToolKit


Reading Migration Toolkit Logs and location


This article will take you through understanding the layout of the Migration Toolkit logs

Location- %appdata% \GWAVA\MigrationToolkit\      **       \logs

        ** Depending on if you are working on user migration or email migration you will fill this ** with either "Email Migrator"   or   "User Migrator"

In the Email Migrator logs folder you will see that there are 3 logs for each users email you have tried to migrate. for example (log file)

gwava@gwava.com_Report (text file)

Migration summary (.csv file)

When you open the log file, it will be a basic rundown of what was happening such as emails being pulled from GroupWise and files being written to Exchange or O365. However, if you have errors, you will find them referenced in the text file in order as they happened in the log file. It will show first a summary of the job and how many errors, succeeded, failed, etc. Then you will see the errors broken down into a verbose or diagnostic format with a great deal of detail.

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