Online Updater - Detailed Explanation

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* Post Redline 3.5.0 build 992 - present 4.x versions


Online Updater - Detailed Explanation


Online Updater
Updating the Control Center

After updating to or higher, the Online Updater is accessible through the Configure tab on the Redline Control Center WebUI (ALL older versions have an Online Update page, but it is incompatible and will not function). The server URL default is

If an update is available, select them and press “OK”. The Control Center downloads the updates (visible in the default logging level 2), and unzips them into its local /software/downloads directory. There could be more folders in the software directory if a local Redline Agent is running in addition to the Control Center and it is updated.

How often does Redline check for updates?

The update check only occurs when the “Online Update” tab is selected. It does not currently check on a regular basis or timed interval, nor does it alert you if there is a new update available. That is being considered for a future release.

UPDATE: Later versions of Redline now do check for updates durning nightly maintenance.  If an update is found, a notification can be seen in the upper right corner of the Control Center WebUI.  Clicking on it will take you directly to the Online update, where the steps above can be performed.

How the Control Center update works

Once the updates have been downloaded, they can now be applied. Always update the Control Center first, and it is recommended to always apply all packages as well rather than one or two, unless under direction from support.

The update process is started when the administrator selects some updates from the list of “Downloaded Control Center Packages” and presses the “Update Now” button. From there a program called rlccupd is launched and rlcenter shuts itself down. rlccupd waits for the rlcenter to stop, installs the updates for the Control Center and restarts it using the script in /etc/init.d/rlcenter.

Updating Redline Agents

To update a Redline Agent, a good practice would be to check what version the Control Center has by going to the Online Update tab. The current version of the Control Center is listed to the right of the “Online Update” letterhead. In the “Downloaded Agent Packages” section, the last downloaded version is listed which is also the version stored in the /opt/beginfinite/redline/software/download directory. From this page click on the folder icon to update ALL Redline Agents in the Redline System of that OS type. However, a better method may be to update a single agent first before pushing the update out to all remote Redline Agents. To do this, select one of the Redline Agents from System View (i.e. RLAgent-server1). Click on the Settings tab, and click on the “Update Agent” button. It can take a few minutes before the update is complete depending on the Redline Agent loop time (default 2 min).

How the Redline Agent update works

The Control Center will create a command file instructing the Redline Agent to update. The Redline Agent will receive the command file the next time it contacts the Control Center (which is the reason why it can take several minutes to apply the update). That command file tells the Redline Agent that an update is available and instructs the Redline Agent to download a second file. The second file tells it what files to get and where they go. The Redline Agent downloads the files from the Control Center and stores them in its own software directory. Finally, the rlagent launches a program called rlupd and shuts itself down. rlupd copies all the files from the software directory to the bin directory, and restarts the agent using the script in /etc/init.d/rlagent.

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