Properly Configuring Reload Intra-Day Backups

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Reload 4.1


Properly Configuring Reload Intra-Day Backups


Reload Post Office Profiles
Explanation of Intra-Day Backups

Reload supports running more than one backup a day for a post office profile. The reason to do this is to enhance the Disaster Recovery element of a Reload post office profile. When multiple backups are run in a day, the most recent backup is newer and more up to date in the case of a disaster.


Customers should consider running two to three backups in a day. For example, 4 A.M. 12 P.M. and 8 P.M.

The first two backups in a day should be configured as "Intra-Day Backups".  These backups should be configured in Reload Web Administration at the following location: Post Office Profile | Configure | Configure Backup Job Settings | Intra-Day Backup Settings.

The last backup for a particular day should be configured as the "Standard Backup Schedule" panel just below the "Intra-Day Backup Settings".

By default Intra-Day Backups are set to expire after 48 hours. Whereas the last backup for a given day, the one generated by the "Standard Backup Schedule", is kept until the backup expires which generally happens a couple of weeks later.

When configuring Intra-Day Backups in Reload Web Administration, the configuration settings you make are written to the /etc/crontab file on the Linux server hosting Reload. Reload Web Administration configures the "Reload Job Utility" command line utility to queue up a Reload backup job at the time specified in the /etc/crontab. By default the settings in the /etc/crontab file configure the Reload Job Utility to only run on weekdays. If you want to modify the settings in the /etc/crontab after Reload has modified the /etc/crontab file, you can do so.

Don't Configure Things This Way!

If you use Intra-Day Backups, then do not configure you Standard Backup to run before the Intra-Day Backups. The reason for this is that the Standard Backup that is queued up via the Standard Backup Schedule has a backup is the backup that actually advances the backup timestamp in the GroupWise message store. Thus, this backup should be kept for the balance of the time that backups are kept on the Reload server.

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