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  • 7020950
  • 15-Aug-2014
  • 07-Aug-2017


Situation Release notes

Resolution Release notes

The following important bugs were fixed:

Bug ID     Component           Summary

5488             Worker           Cursor thread exit error when dredging from a journaling mailbox



Bug ID     Component        Summary

1927             Publisher Viewer   Viewer fails to export to PST

1936             Auditing                     Audit For Litigation Hold, Export, Printing, Restore

2345             UI                                 Highlight the last mail that was opened

2346             UI                                 Add Arrows to an open Mail to go to the next or last mail

2393             Confidential             Attribute Confidential Tagging

2401             Outlook II                  Better integration with Outlook. Implemented new plugin.

2534             Server                         Dynamic or Rules based Smart Tagging

2564             Deletion Manager     Manual job option needs trigger button

2605             MySQL Driver          Support MysqL 5.6

3243             Publisher Viewer Need to add local time zone reference to PDF export

3481             Outlook                      OWA Plugin does not work with Exchange 2013

3490             Worker                       Worker Status Page, Confusing Job Stats

3626             Publisher Viewer   Export To PDF: Dates in the list of exported messages are incorrect

3682             Publisher Viewer   Export to PDF: Implement splitting by size

3688             Publisher Indexer Indexing status is not displayed

3712             Publisher                  Publisher Address Book; selecting users from the left frame leaves next button grayed out

3717             Message                    Tagging Only show applied tags when removing tags

3775             BlackBerry                 Investigate and implement archiving BBM Groups logs

3781             Publisher Viewer   Viewer's select all items box not filled in when selecting from left

3782             Publisher Viewer   Can the "Select All Messages" box be un-accessible until items are selectable.

3789             Publisher Viewer   Viewers left frame check boxes don't populate right frame.

3792             Publisher Indexer The indexer won't run the first time

3812             Mobile                        Remove Moki Web Services dependencies from App, and the Router

3819             BlackBerry                 Problem with PIN Messages when Parsing Logs

3820             Publisher Viewer   Viewer properties missing build version

3828             Publisher Viewer   "Select all Messages" not updating when selecting messages

3829             Publisher Viewer   "Select all Messages" not updating when selecting additional folders

3830             Publisher Viewer   Selecting "Select All Messages" after messages are loaded and then unselecting one does not change state

3831             Publisher Viewer   The "Select All Messages" does not affect new folders

3834             Outlook II                  Make sure the new plugin can be installed silently

3865             Publisher Viewer   Search window from viewer: How do I get back to all published items?

3887             Server                         Make sure all components of work with GroupWise 2014

3891             Publisher Viewer Folder which contains two subfolders with the same name different case fails on pst export

3904             Stats Server              User timestamps report shows no dates set

3906             Publisher                   Publisher Not Filtering By Text

3911             Outlook II                  Support Group Policies

3920             Administration        Schedules, Profiles, Workers, Jobs Jobs are not being saved

3966             Publisher                   Publisher/Viewer doesn't launch on Windows Server 2012 R2

3975             Publisher                   Date Range; the calendars month and year are not viewable

3998             Mobile App              Android Not displaying settings correctly

4023             Module                      Exchange Does Not Archive Shared Mailboxes from Exchange 2010

4031             Module                      BlackBerry Missing Field Exception - Missing field "CallType"

4034             Publisher                   Add support for characters in message subject encoded as html numeric references

4036             UI                                 "Delete" button displays "Confidentiality" dialog

4045             Stats Server              Export audit table on large jobs creates an email body that is too large

4055             Mobile App              Android Phone is not getting configuration from router

4069             Mobile App              Android MMS messages come as SMS messages without attachment

4072             Device Mgmt           Enhance device management - Finding / Filtering devices

4073             Module -                   BlackBerry Update the BES Folder and Item icons

4094             Stats Server              Stats Server does not show data for all jobs with multiple workers

4097             Publisher                   Viewer Columns are not resized after the window is resized to minimal width and then enlarged

4113             Server                         Auto refresh button is persistent

4127             Stats Server              Job Summary and Job Mailbox Summary reports have null data when using port 48080

4154             Worker                       Worker does not set the Retention Flag

4162             Indexer                      Lucene Indexer runs in circles

4164             Module                      Mobile Remove the Moki Management dependency from the Mobile Configuration and Device Management

4165             Publisher Viewer   Bundled Viewer cannot open an archive

4176             Publisher Viewer   Export to PST fails if there is an ordinary folder with the name of a standard special folder

4204             Mobile App              Android Router on new not getting correct config information defaults.

4263             Stats Server              Stats server synchronization issues

4299             Publisher Viewer   Export to PST: Preserve original names for default folders

4300             Publisher Viewer   Export to PST failed with out of memory error while attaching big files (more than 620 MB)

4325             User -                          Search "Cancel" button does not close the Confidentiality dialog

4348             Integration –           Outlook II Uninstaller of the Outlook plugin not working properly

4383             Database                   PostgreSQL Cannot upgrade DB with Postgres 9.3

4403             User -                          Search Deleting assigned tags does not remove the tag icon on messages

4405             Deletion Manager     Changing older than from days to months or years does not highlight the save button

4411             Publisher                   Viewer Search filter beginning instead of prefix

4419             Publisher                   Viewer Add a comment about usages of English stop words in search strings

4422             Publisher                   Publisher should stop the whole process if saving thread is stopped

4423             Module                      Exchange Migrated folders cannot be archived

4432             Module                      Exchange No message subtype is defined for Outlook client (Exchange) sticky notes

4438             Publisher Viewer   PST Export hangs

4440             User                            Export PDF Special characters cause problems for PDF exports on Windows

4451             Publisher                   No title for the error pop-up after selecting replace.

4456             Publisher Viewer   Export to PST fails if a message sender has a non-empty address

and empty display name

4458             Stats Server              Remove start and end date from User timestamps report

4460             Stats Server              Change all running times format

4463             Publisher                   Indexer log changes from plural to singular when indexing


4470             User                            Litigation Hold Incorrect information in message properties after applying

litigation hold

4491             User                            Search; Core, Search terms, drop down, "Word starts With" to


4499             UI                                 Buttons in the Status & Updates pages do not work

4500             Stats Server              Error scheduling stats server reports

4501             Publisher API           In publisher API, getItems method with no chunkSize causes all

items to be returned

4504             Publisher                   Publisher Export Engine Does Not Check Existence of Message Body

4513             Mobile                        Message Router Install for new On-Prem Message Router

4515             Mobile                        Message Router Add ability for On-Prem Message Router to capture MMS attachments

4516             Mobile                        Add ability to turn off collecting of MMS Attachments on Mobile Profile configuration

4517             Device Mgmt           Device list is not refreshing after adding a new device

4519             Device Mgmt           Update the text in the Registration email for mobile devices

4525             Mobile                        Data Path should be a required field

4530             Message Router     Message Router needs to implement Logging

4543             Mobile                        Default Mobile Worker was created when adding a device

4544             Mobile                        Changes are needed to the Test Connection and Save from Mobile Module Configuration page

4545             Mobile                        Save from Mobile Profile and Mobile Worker should update the configuration on the Message Router

4547             UI                                 The web interface does not show the embedded images of the message

4553             Mobile App              Android needs the content type for MMS attachments

4565             Publisher                   Incorrect directory selected for bundled viewer

4568             Outlook II                  Outlook addin.msi does not check if the prerequisites are installed before installation.

4569             UI                                 Rendering attachments without a file extension in UI does not respect content type of attachment

4571             Outlook II                 Plugin only installs to current user. Need option to install for everyone.

4576             Stats Server              Error running or scheduling reports

4577             User                            All search criteria expanded after upgrade

4578             Licensing                    Remove ServerName in the Phone home request

4579             Publisher Viewer   Tooltip for the "From" field in the message view is not updated when selected message is changed

4580             Lucene                       Extractor error on PDF files

4582             Server                         Unsatisfied Link Error in ServerTracker

4584             Publisher API           Search for users in Publisher can be case sensitive

4585             GW Win32 Client   GW Plugin returns "Invalid argument to date encode" error

4589             Stats Server              Job Summary report does not have an extension

4594             Device Mgmt           Updating the Mobile Module seems to lose track of the Mobile Worker

4598             UI                                 Disabling Reload job in Core Settings returns a "You enabled Reload..."

4600             Outlook II                  The advanced search in the plugin needs to be enhanced

4611             Administration        Schedules, Profiles, Workers, Jobs Advance criteria Attachment name (* ok) archiving more messages then it should

4613             Publisher                   Closing the Publisher via window close button (red X) blocks UI and doesn't interrupt publishing process

4619             Administration        Users and Groups Dynamic PO rights not working

4620             UI                                 Search Messages Window displays open items is Red and unopened items in Green when selected

4621             Module                      GroupWise Post Office Redirection tables can be left blank

4623             UI                                 Selected items are a different color of green then checked items

4627             Publisher Viewer   Find window does not display search button if search window is not large enough

4628             Administration        Storage Manager Do not allow the saving of a non-full email address

4632             Administration        Storage Manager When creating a new storage path a license expired error is received

4635             Reporting                  Automatically email report on job end

4639             Worker                       Please report POA address on login failure

4642             Worker                       BES Job - Problem with log path not reported in job status message

4644             Publisher                   Publisher stops on unexpected error

4649             Publisher                   Sometimes if user interrupts publishing process, the Publisher tries to save incomplete data to the database and fails

4650             Publisher                   Sometimes if user interrupts publishing process, the Publisher starts the Indexer while the Publisher is still modifying data in the database

4656             UI                                 Changes in Storage > Advanced Settings

4661             Users and Groups When a user attempts to log into a disabled account the error "Login or password incorrect" is returned

4662             Mobile                        Android Device Settings shows as Display Settings when entered

4665             Module                      SMS, MMS and Phone calls show as off on the router

4666             Mobile                        Message Router UI needs to be added to the RetainRouter

4667             Outlook II                  Bundle installer fails

4673             Mobile                         Android Messages sent today are put in yesterday's xml files

4675             Server                         Any saved Server Configuration changes returns an error

4676             Worker                       Duplicate field contactInfo error

4680             Mobile                        Android contactName not stored in mms xml file

4686             Mobile                         Android The field messageId does not exist in sms xml

4687             UI                                 Error message for export folder displays EBDB's message

4689             User                             Search for Recipient Contains (exact) returns incorrect information

4691             UI                                 Current open tab changes to "Index" tab if an error message has to be displayed

4697             Deletion Manager     Add ability to remove an entire user from Retain

4701             Outlook II                  The Outlook plugin should work with https connection

4723             Server                         Permit both the hour and the minute to be specified on recurring schedule definition

4728             UI                                 Folders are not displayed

4734             Installer                      Linux Java cannot be installed

4742             Module                      Exchange EWS request fails, cannot archive

4752             Mobile                         Android Data is removed from phone when connection refused from router

4756             User                             Search for Recipient Contains (exact) returns incorrect information

4758             Module                      BlackBerry Missing Field Exception - Missing field "NameId"

4760             Module                      Google Apps Duplicate Google Apps Users

4762             Publisher                   Publisher uses too much memory if downloading data is fast but saving is slow

4764             Publisher                   Large memory usage: Downloaded messages are kept in memory until all their attachments are downloaded completely

4765             Administration        Schedules, Profiles, Workers, Jobs The mobile profile is not created automatically

4766             Reload                        Add the ability for to request the most current Reload backup for archiving

4769             Auditing                     Audit print function fails to include any items beyond the first page of items

4771             Module                      GroupWise Need to update to version 1.0.1g of ssleay dll which fixes Heartbleed vulnerability

4775             User                             Search for Sender (display) Contains (exact) returns incorrect information

4783             Mobile                         Android When deleting a phone from device management the phone is not unregistered

4787             User                            Search Fix the @ phrase delimiter issue with the sender display field as well

4790             Integration               GW WebAccess Webaccess Plugin not working with GroupWise 2014

4793             Module                      BlackBerry BES log parsing error when log line ends with \"

4794             User                            Search Viewing messages in 3.3 treats returns as spaces

4798             Integration               Outlook II Outlook plugin sync crashes Outlook 2013

4820             Installer                      Windows Windows install removes other modules when upgrading components

4826             Module                      Mobile Port and Security default change

4837             Mobile App              Android Phone becomes unregistered after mms messages are uploaded to the router

4840             Administration        Schedules, Profiles, Workers, Jobs Mobile profile max attachment size change

4841             Stats Server              Generating a report results in an error every time

4844             UI                                 UI does not indicate if an attachment is part of the message for Mobile

4846             Mobile Message    Router GPS coordinates are dying with the decimal (i.e. 0.0)

4849             UI                                 Inline graphics in HTML mails are not shown

4852             Mobile App             Android Remove "app must be opened from a valid email"

4853             Mobile App              Android Outlook Web Access link from causes App to crash

4855             Mobile App              Android Cannot register an unregistered phone by selecting the app

4861             Installer                      Linux install no longer installs tomcat automatically

4862             Installer                      Linux install on Linux won't install the Stub Server

4863             Stats Server              Server can't be installed without Stats Server

4864             Device Mgmt           Device shouldn't be added if the mail server is not available

4865             Worker                       Job summary report gives incorrect information

4876             Administration        Schedules, Profiles, Workers, Jobs NullPointerException when running a mobile archive job

4886             Outlook II                  Plugin loses settings during upgrade

4887             Mobile App              Android App does not collect data until it's second connection to the router

4905             Mobile App              Android App needs to pull settings upon enrolling

4913             Worker                       Resolving d01b errors

4916             Message Router     Router became unregistered with error tenant is not valid

4927             Worker                       Worker aborting jobs on 0x8929 errors

4928             Integration               Outlook Web Access No support for OWA 2013

4929             Integration               Outlook Put the Launch button back into Outlook

4931             Integration               Outlook II Add the ability to sync automatically

4935             Deletion Manager     Cannot add users to mailbox deletion if job members are blank

4939             Integration               Outlook II Create a default store name (.nst) rather than have the customer come up with it.

4941             Mobile App              Android 401 error causes the phone to become deregistered

4947             Message Router     Logs no longer show messages being uploaded to the router

4952             Indexer                      Lucene Indexing extremely slow

4956             Message Router     Attachments no longer being sent to the router

4959             UI                                 Information in the "Updates" frame is lost

4965             Integration               Outlook II Plugin crashes and takes Outlook with it when creating the Retain.NST file for the first time.

4966             Deletion Manager     Report not generated when using Mailbox Deletion

4975             Worker                       Job no longer continues to the next PO when the first errors out

4980             Integration               Outlook II User are unable to download more than 3 months’ worth of data from Retain

4981             Integration               GW WebAccess Linux text installer user entered path does not work

4984             Integration               Outlook II Search feature in the new Outlook plugin shouldn't use today's date for the start date

4986             Integration                Outlook II Search results window within the new Outlook plugin has the wrong title

4994             Worker                       Unable to dredge huge journal mailboxes - Exchange cannot handle our current query

4998             Installer                      Windows Addition of the Alias RetainRouter in retain-httpd.conf is incorrect

5004             Stats Server              Aborted jobs stay active in StatServer

5009             Reporting                  Unable to run any job

5012             Server                         Large files get corrupted on download

5014             Rules Config             "Remove Rule" confirmation should show proper message

5020             Outlook II                  Increase the number of months being synced

5028             Outlook II                  After Uninstall, when going back to Outlook, the Retain.NST remains and must be closed.

5029             Outlook II                 After Uninstall, the Retain.NST file is not removed

5031             Outlook II                 When selecting to install the plugin for ALL USERS (as Administrator), here is a ribbon error when opening Outlook as another user on that machine

5036             Publisher                   Invalid password for Publisher returns an inaccurate error

5037             Mobile App              Android Add toast message after the phone registers

5041             Integration               Outlook II Installer (MSI) does not update existing versions

5043             Message Router     Unable to change Data Path in Mobile configuration

5066             Mobile                         Android No toast message for phones that fail to register when manually enrolling

5076             Mobile                        Android Toast message says the phone is registered even when it fails to register

5099             Installer                      Linux Precompile failure "jsp/org/apache/jsp/User/render_005fsocial_jsp.java:167: walkTree"

5106             Administration        Server Configuration, Storage Manager Saving Centera config calls com.gwava.engine.amazons3.As3Config - getCfg()

5110             Outlook II                  Dialog after installation of plugin and first start of Outlook

5111             Outlook II                  Show version of Outlook Plugin

5113             Indexer                      Lucene HTTP Error 500

5127             Outlook II                  Start search with ENTER

5140             Publisher Viewer   Scroll bar is not working properly in Drop down for formatting messages

5144             Publisher                   Publisher cannot load post offices if domain name contains ampersand '&' character

5149             Stats Server              Job Summary Report Not Displayed Correctly

5151             Server                         Multipage Quick Search Results Incorrect

5152             Outlook II                  In Outlook 2 plugin under tab no menu is showing

5163             Installer                      Linux Tomcat fails to install

5190             Server                         Internal Server Error after two consecutive merge executions

5208             Mobile App              Android Device not being unregistered when removed from device management

5218             Indexer                      Lucene When entering maintenance mode the BackgroundIndexer may start logging "CommonIndexing - Indexer thread could not proceed"

5220             Publisher Viewer   Copy paste is not working between Mail and Notes tab in Viewer

5225             Indexer                     Lucene Remove AbstractBackgroundIndexer line from the indexer log

5231             Module                      BlackBerry Conflict with RetainWorker on same server with UDS component of BES  10

5238             Message Router     If is dead then the Router will crash

5267             Mobile App              Android Remove toast message App must registered from a valid email

5268             Reporting                  Generation time on the Job Summary report is wrong

5273             Reporting                  Job Summary report name shows as JobSummary.jasper

5309             Outlook II                  Using MSI "repair" option removes the user/password, and makes the existing archive inaccessible and cannot create a new archive

5311             Message Router     Problems with Router home page when Retain Server connection information is not present

5316             Installer                     Windows MS Platform Readiness Manifest Issues

5318             Installer                      Windows MS Platform Ready Test - Not all executables installed by the application are signed

5319             Installer                      Windows MS Platform Ready Test - Not all the application binaries have valid file version information

3910             Outlook II                 Use public properties within MSI

4766             Integration               Reload Add the ability for to request the most current Reload backup for archiving

5267             Mobile App              Android Remove toast message App must registered from a valid email

5273             Reporting                  Job Summary report name shows as JobSummary.jasper

5310             Mobile App              Android APK file fails to install

5353             Administration        Users and Groups can’t apply Confidential tag [own mailbox]

5359             Auditing                     Audit log shows Text.htm when opening a message rather than the message subject

5368             Server                         GenericJDBCException during archive job - Handle emoji characters

5377             Publisher Viewer   Forward email is not enabled until a password is configured

5378             Publisher Viewer   Subject in Forward as Attachment emails is blank by default

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