Reload - When weird things happen!

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  • 11-Mar-2014
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Reload - When weird things happen!


Reload is a stable product with 8 years of continuous development. The software is stable and works reliably. The large majority of the time when all of the sudden the Reload software isn't behaving correctly, the problem is typically one of just a few things:

1. The server that hosts the Reload server is a compromised state, and needs to be rebooted.

2. The gwavareload.conf file is corrupted. Here is how to test for this problem, and resolve it:

- Rename the file called gwavareload.conf which is contained in the directory /opt/beginfinite/reload to gwavareload.conf.bak

- Run the Reload install software located in the directory: /opt/beginfinite/reload


- Choose the option "2. Reinstall - (Revert to factory defaults)"

- See if the problem is eliminated. If it is, then great! If the problem persists, then rename the old gwavareload.conf.bak file back to gwavareload.conf

3. The server that hosts the GWAVA Reload sever has a problem with the disk. For example, the disk has a problem in which suddenly it has become a Read Only Filesystem. To test for this, do the following:

On the server that hosts the Reload software, do the following:

- touch /opt/beginfinite/reload/abc.txt

- touch /<path to a Reload profile that is having problems>/abc.txt

If in fact the disk has become Read-Only, then reboot the Reload server.

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