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Blueprint 1.0




Blueprint for Reload

Want to see a Reload server with Blueprint Installed? Go here

[ System Requirements ]

  • Reload 3.1 or higher running on a SLES10 or higher server.
  • GroupWise 8 or GroupWise 2012 on the Reload server. 
    • You can be using various versions of GroupWise on your live system, just make sure that GroupWise 8 or 2012 is what is installed on the Reload server.
    • Blueprint for Reload does not touch your live GroupWise system.  It runs against your latest backup.

[ Installation ]

Blueprint can be installed from the Web Interface in Reload 4.00200 or later.  Although not required, it is recommended that you first upgrade to the latest version of Reload.  Once that is completed, a button for Blueprint will appear on the main screen of the Reload web interface; otherwise, you can manually download and install Blueprint:
  1. Download the software from here: Blueprint for Reload
  2. Copy the beginfinite-blueprint.rpm file that you downloaded, to some location on your Reload server.
  3. Install Blueprint for Reload by using the following command in a console session on the Reload server:
rpm -i <path to the beginfinite-blueprint.rpm file>
For example:
rpm -i /tmp/beginfinite-blueprint.rpm
The RPM install will also run an installation process that will automatically configure Blueprint for all of the Post Office profiles on the Reload server.
Blueprint will immediately start a job for the first Post Office profile. Since a license will not be in place when Blueprint is first installed, Blueprint will run a report for 10% of the users to an approximate maximum of 60 users on the post office.

[ Configuration ]

When Blueprint is installed, it immediately configures itself, based on settings from how Reload is configured, and some pre-set factory settings. Probably the most important settings to focus on are, if the report e-mail addresses are correct.

Blueprint Administration is all web-based, and integrated right into the Reload Web Administration interface. To configure Blueprint get into the Reload Web Administration page. And go to the Configure tab. You will see the configuration panel for Blueprint called Blueprint Configuration.

Most of the settings should stay the same, just consider making the following changes:

1. E-mail addresses, make sure they are correct.
2. The "FROM" address you may consider changing to something like blueprint@< your internet domain >
3. Make sure that the "TO" addresses are filled in correctly
4. Make sure that "Preferred Domain Name" reflects the primary Internet domain name for your GroupWise system. This address is used in embedded MAILTO links in the HTML reports that Blueprint generates.

[ Getting Blueprint to Do Something! ]

I installed the software, now I want Blueprint to do something!

1. In Reload Web Administration, click on a Post Office Profile

2. Click on the panel that reads: "Start a Backup or Blueprint Report Job"

3. Select the option "Start a Blueprint Report Job"

When a Blueprint Report Job has finished, the following two things will happen:

1. The Blueprint reports will be e-mailed to the "TO" recipients specified in Blueprint Configuration

2. In Reload Web Administration when you go into the Profile Details for a Reload post office profile, the Profile Status & Information panel, will have two new lines called:

Blueprint HTML Reports:   | Summary | Users | Resources
Blueprint CSV Reports:      | Users | Resources 

PLEASE NOTE: Blueprint report jobs can take a while. Blueprint tediously gathers a lot of information about each mailbox. It is quite feasible for a post offices over 100 Gigabytes in size to take hours to generate a report for the post office.

[ Licensing ]  - Blueprint will run without a license!

NOTE: Blueprint will run without a license! The Blueprint reports will only register the first 10% of the users on a post office, up to 60 users maximum. So if you are just testing Blueprint for Reload, you can skip this section.

1. Once you have obtained your Blueprint for Reload License ".pem" file (somefilename.pem) . . .

The Blueprint for Reload license file can either be placed on the server manually, or uploaded through Reload Web Administration. Here are the steps for both methods:

Manual Method:

Place the *.pem file that you obtained from GWAVA in the following location on the Reload/Blueprint server:


Browser Method:

a. In Reload Web Administration on the tool bar select "License" in the drop down menu, and click "GO"
b. Select the link that reads: "Click Here to License Blueprint for Reload"
c. Follow the page prompts to upload the *.pem file you obtained from GWAVA

3. Once the license is in place, you are instantly licensed, nothing needs to be restarted etc.

Additional Information

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