Getting To Know Message Flow

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  • 02-Jul-2008
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Redline 3.1 build 919+


Getting To Know Message Flow


A new feature in Redline 3.1 is the ability to send a message through the GroupWise email system and be notified if the message does not get to the destination in the set threshold time.  This can be confusing, so here are the details of Message Flow Check.

Here's how it works. Depending on how often you test (10, 30, 60, 120 min), a message is generated and sent to the selected GWIA. If you put that GWIA in verbose mode, you will see the message easily as it contains "flowcheck" in the sender name. It is a relay, and DOES NOT go outside of the system. Redline then gets two values, the time the message arrived at the Post Office (derived from the POA logfile), less the time originally sent from the GWIA (from the GWIA log file). This delta (or the difference between the two numbers), is then used as the comparator with the Post Office Threshold called "Message flow processing time". By default, if this number exceeds 20 seconds, and alert should be fired.

Now, an interesting side note to this is that in order for the alert to fire, there must be a value to compare.  Meaning, if the message never arrives at its destination, then there is no way to get the value to compare with the threshold.  This results in no alert being fired until the message is actually delivered.  However, if a message is never delivered, then other alerts should fire, such as the post office agent being down, etc.  It makes sense that this feature should include alerting if the message is not delivered, and that has been listed as an enhancement for a future version of Redline.

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