Gwava [Linux] Does Not Register With The Control Center

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  • 12-Sep-2007
  • 07-Aug-2017


This article applies only to Gwava 3.5, 3.6, 3.7 installations in a single Redline Agent monitoring is setup on a remote Linux box.


- All agents but Gwava are registered
- Gwava shows that the RLAgent has requested information
- RLAgent log shows that it has received some information from Gwava and created Gwava Core Values


The pathtab needs to be modified/added to reflect the correct path. To correct this do the following:

1. Open the /etc/pathtab file on your linux server (you may use gedit, kwrite, vi, or any text editor) that Redline monitors on.
2. Add the following entry below (if it isn't there already) your existing pathtab entry on a new line with the appropriate mountpoint, server, and volume name:

/mnt/gw myserver\gwvol:


The reason for this is because Redline gathers information from each of the monitored agents. Among these are the log paths. For example, the GroupWise MTA sends a log file path variable such as: myserver/gwvol:\grpwise\domain\mslocal\0630mta.001. In order for Redline to located and parse this file it needs to go get it. Unfortunately, Linux has no idea what or where "myserver/gwvol:" is or where it is located, but it will actually look through all of it's directories and the pathtab to find it. Once Redline receives the location, Linux looks at the pathtab and sees that "myserver/gwvol:" is actually "/mnt/gw/" and the logfile can be accessed (provided the volume is mounted) at /mnt/gw/domain/mslocal/0630mta.001.

That is simple enough, but here is the kicker. When Redline requests the logfile information from Gwava, Gwava returns a path of "MYSERVER\GWVOL:\GRPWISE\DOMAIN\GWAVA\LOG\....". Notice that the server/volume shows the "\" instead of "/" like the MTA. Linux knows how to resolve the log file path for the MTA, but without the entry above, it cannot resolve the path for the Gwava log file and will thus be unable to register Gwava with the Control Center.

***NOTE*** - You also may be wondering about the capital letter path for Gwava, and the lowercase path for the MTA. We tested with lowercase and it worked fine. We tested with uppercase, removing the lowercase and Redline did not register Gwava.

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