Acecss Gateway Formfill cannot SSO to Netscaler Secure Gateway with Storefront

  • 7020916
  • 14-Jun-2017
  • 06-Sep-2017


NetIQ Access Manager 4.3
NetIQ Access Manager 4.2
Access Gateway
Netscaler Secure Gateway 10.5 with Storefront 2.6


Access Manager admin wants users to single sign on (SSO) to Netscalars Secure Gateway via formfill, so that they can get to the Storefront page for the user without have to re-authenticate. A formfill policy was created to populate the username and password, but. the single sign on would never work because of the complex javascript embedded in the login page.


Create a custom rewriter profile that searches for string

<SCRIPT language=JavaScript>ns_showpwd_default();</SCRIPT>

and replaces it with the string

<input name="passwd" id="password" type="password">