User switching with Filr

  • 7020902
  • 09-Jun-2017
  • 15-Jun-2017


Filr 3.1 Client
Filr 3.1.1 Server


Unexpected errors are encountered when using the Windows "Switch User" functionality.
Multi-user environment where Windows users use the "switch user" feature to free users from logging off each time a different user needs to use the workstation.


User switching is not currently supported by Filr. A full logout is required by a user before another user can login and use Filr client. When switching users, the second user will not be able to get to their files (a reboot may be required if this state is encountered). 

A request to support User Switching has been added to the Filr Ideas Forum. Those needing this functionality can add their vote for this proposal here.


Reported to Engineering