What's New in GWAVA 5?

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  • 01-Feb-2011
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What are the new features of GWAVA 5?


List of New Features:
a. Recipient Authentication
  • Verify the recipient exists on the mail server.
  • Mail server will only see mail for users in an LDAP accessible data source (eDirectory/Active Directory).
b. User Validation
  • Provides users with access to the quarantine by authentication against an LDAP server (eDirectory/Active Directory).

2) Server Fail Over
  • Seamless transition of mail scanning when primary server is down.
  • Catch and scan overflowed mail.
  • Load balancing.

3) Self Monitoring and Auto-Restart
  • Ensures that downtime is at a minimum.
  • GWAVA modules give out a periodic heartbeat.
  • If a module does not respond, GWAVA restart that module.
4) Dashboard
  • Keep statistics, alerts, and other useful information organized and easily accessible.
  • Create a custom home page to suit your needs.
  • The various gadgets help to maintain and monitor the GWAVA system.
5) Reporting
  • Generate reports on useful information about GWAVA.
  • Reports are sent to specified recipients according to custom schedules.

6) Alerting
  • GWAVA is proactively on the lookout for problems.
  • Makes administrators aware of problems, so they can be addressed in a timely manner.
  • A helpful tool in server maintenance.

7) Message Tracker
  • Makes finding information about messages simple and easy.
  • Gives information such as message ID, time stamps, source address, and block events.

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