Installation Guide for GroupWise WebAccess Plugin on NetWare

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  • 21-Dec-2009
  • 07-Aug-2017


Retain 1.8+
GroupWise WebAccess on NW


: How do I set up the Retain single sign-on plugin for GW WebAccess on NetWare?



1)  Copy the Retain installation folder to a Windows workstation or server with the Novell Client installed. The WebAccess plugin is found in the 'tools' folder.
If you can't find the installation folder, it can be downloaded here.
2)  Authenticate to the target WebAccess server with the Novell Client.

3)  Launch the WebAccess plugin installation by double clicking on install.bat.  You must have Java installed to run this installation.

4)  Specify the OS, Retain URL and WebAccess paths.

Specify the URL of the Retain Server with a host name or IP address.  The URL should be in the form:

Specify the webapps directory with a UNC path or a mapped drive.
Note: The default location for the webapps directory is in SYS:\tomcat\<version>\

Specify the WebAccess directory with a UNC path or a mapped drive.

Note:  The default location for the WebAccess directory is in SYS:\novell\groupwise\webaccess

Finish the installation.

6)  Restart WebAccess agent and Tomcat.

To stop the WebAccess agent, navigate to the NetWare WebAccess screen and hit F7.

To start WebAccess, at the system console, type:
To stop Tomcat, at the system console, type:
sys:\tomcat\4\bin\tc4stop (Tomcat4)

And to start Tomcat, type:
sys:\tomcat\4\bin\tomcat4 (Tomcat4)


sys:\tomcat\5.0\bin\tomcat (Tomcat5)

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