Best practice for adding exceptions

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  • 15-Jun-2009
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What is the best practice for adding exceptions?


A common erroneous practice for putting in an exception is to put a check mark in for everything on the list. See the example alone:

The problem with doing this is that each one of those check marks creates one exception, and each check mark with a folder next to it has potentially thousands of other exceptions underneath.  This has the potential to create thousands of entries in the database for every exception that you want to create.

While there is no real limit to the amount of exceptions GWAVA can hold, there is a practical limit when it comes to the hardware that you are using.  Due to the wide diversity of servers running GWAVA 4 the best general practice for keeping the system running smoothly is to only put an exception in for  what the email is getting, or going to get blocked for.

Using the example above, the email address is getting blocked for spam.  Hence, the following exception would be appropriate:

You can find out what an exception is being blocked for by looking at it's entry in QMS, or looking through the logs.  If you are having trouble determining what a certain message is being blocked for, please call support at 1-801-437-5678.

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