Manually Remove and Install License in GWAVA 4

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  • 16-Oct-2008
  • 07-Aug-2017


GWAVA 4 for Linux and Netware (all builds)


How do i install my license file (*.pem) with gwava down? How can i install my license file manually? Is there a way to remove duplicate licenses that are showing in GWAVA Management Console?  


GWAVA looks for license information in the form of a *.pem file, and it looks in the gwava\license folder.  If there are problems installing  the license through the Management Console , you can replace the registration file manually following the steps below: 

1) Open File browser and go to your GWAVA4 install folder  (Netware EX: \\server\data\GWAVA4\license\; Linux EX: \\server\data\gwava\license).

2) Delete or rename current *.pem files.

3) Copy your current registration *.pem file to this folder.

4) Refresh/Reload the GWAVA Management Console.

5) This license should now show as being applied.

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