Restoring spam dictionary files from backup

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  • 12-Aug-2008
  • 07-Aug-2017


GWAVA 4 on Linux or NW


: In the ASEngine logs you will see messages such as:
"couldn't load Autoblocker config", mismatch errors,  or "Dictionary load failed".


Restore dictionary files from a good backup

1) Unload GWAVA (NetWare: gwavadn, Linux: rcgwavaman stop)
2) Go to: gwava4/services/asengine/configs/<scanner ID>
3) Create a folder called dictionary_old
4) Move all dictionary files to the dictionary_old folder (.idx, .dic, .xml)
5) Rename the autoblocker folder to autoblocker_old
6) Rename the temp folder to temp_old
7) In gwava4/services/asengine/configs/<scanner ID>/backup - find the zip with the oldest date.  Extract this file to the root of gwava4/services/asengine/configs/<scanner ID>
8) Load GWAVA (NetWare: gwavaup, Linux: rcgwavaman start)

You will now be using dictionary files from the your oldest backup.  If you are still seeing a problem with them you may need to have them recreated. Recreating dictionary files

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