How Can I Drop Slow Connections?

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  • 16-Oct-2013
  • 07-Aug-2017


SMTP Scanner


: Threads are being held open too long, causing all the threads to be maxed out. This is caused by senders with a slow bandwidth. How can we drop this connection to free up the thread?



In order to drop the SMTP connection on a sender that has a slow bandwidth, do the following:

1) Open the GWAVA Management Console and go to | Server / Interface Management | [Server name] | Manage Interfaces | [SMTP Interface name] | Interface settings.

2) Click on 'Show optional SMTP settings'.

3) Check the box next to 'Bandwidth metering' to enable it.

4) Set (kilobytes/second) to 2.

5) Hit 'Save Changes'.

This will drop any SMTP connection that is slower than 2 KB per second to download the message.

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