Reveal is Unable to Connect to GroupWise Domain on Linux

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  • 16-Jun-2016
  • 07-Aug-2017


Reveal 2.x
GroupWise on Linux (unless using NSS)
Systems that have already had Reveal working before


The GroupWise system is running on Linux, we are unable to get Reveal to connect successfuly to the GW domain. We are getting various errors which mean we aren't connected to the domain (trusted app key errors, couldn't find wpdomain.db errors, etc).


If you have tried to connect via a mapped drive, using SAMBA, and are still not connecting then you can bring the necessary files to your local drive and connect that way. The SAMBA connection with Win Vista and 7 isn't the greatest, because of this, this work around is recommended. Do the following:

1) Create a directory on the local drive for the domain data. Such as c:/wpdomain.

2) From the mapped drive to the domain directory, copy the wpdomain.db, any files that end with .dc, and the reveal.ini file and paste them in the new  directory c:/wpdomain.

3) Open Reveal | click on Connect to GW system | Step 2: Select the domain directory, browse to c:/wpdomain

4) Check the box 'Use Samba' (this allows Reveal to skip unnecessary steps to try and connect via the Novell Client and edirectory).

5) Make sure the settings in step 1 are correct, and click OK.

6) Put in the Reveal password (default is GWAVA)

It should now connect to the GW system successfully. The only time you will need to update the wpdomain.db with the one on the GW server, is if the domain(s), poa(s), or users (removed or added) change. The updated email data is received via the POA, not the wpdomain.db.

NOTE: If this is a new install of Reveal, you can still following these steps to get it connected, but there are more steps that need to be taken for the Trusted App Key.

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