Getting 'Error 53509 Directory Services Data missing' When Accessing Proxy Tab

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  • 05-May-2016
  • 07-Aug-2017


Vertigo 2.x


When accessing the proxy tab, I am getting 'Error 53509 Directory Services Data missing'.


If you are seeing the error 'Error 53509 Directory Services Data missing', when trying to access something in Vertigo, then most likely your Trusted App Name is incorrect. To check this do the following:

1) Open Vertigo.

2) Click on File | Enter Trusted App Key

3) Look at the Trusted Key Name, verify that it matches the Vertigo Trusted Key Name in GroupWise.

If using GW 2014:

A) Login to the Novell GroupWise Administration Web Page. https://serverIP:9710/gwadmin-console.

B) Go to System - Trusted Applications

C) Find the one for Vertigo and verify it has the same name.

If using GW 2012 or older:

A) Open ConsoleOne

B) Click on Tools | GroupWise System Operations | Trusted Applications

C) Find the one for Vertigo and verify it has the same name.

4) Correct the name in Vertigo, to match what GroupWise shows.

5) Close Vertigo and re-open it.

It should now work properly, without the error.

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