no such table: t_Tokens after upgrading to QMS2

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  • 07-Aug-2008
  • 07-Aug-2017


GWAVA4 build 103 or higher


After upgrading to QMS2 the QMS err directory (/GWAVA4/services/qms/data/err) fills up with T_tokens errors. Also may be apparent on logger screen (NetWare.) The error should look similar to the following: SQLite Error: no such table: t_Tokens Rollback: false SQL: SELECT TokenPropertyName,TokenPropertyValue from t_Tokens WHERE TokenID='28490.1216659886.4137' and TokenPropertyName='BootMain'

In QMS1 the t_Tokens table was used to store session information; QMS2 now uses a cookie to store the session information. This error probably exists because someone is using an old login, or release page. This doesn’t mean that QMS is corrupt, just that it’s looking for a table that is no longer there.


1) Rename old QMS1 files.

In your “/GWAVA4/services/qms/http/content” directory  rename your login.shtml and digest_release.shtml to .old

 2) Create new QMS2 files

Make a copy of your redirect_login.shtml and your redirect_digest_release.shtml

 3) Replace old QMS1 files with the new files created

Remove the “Copy of redirect_” off of both redirect_login.shtml and redirect_digest_release.shtml

After renaming these files it will automatically redirect any request going to QMS1 to be sent to QMS2.

4) Removing error files

Finally, remove the .err files in your "/GWAVA4/services/qms/data/err" directory.


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