How To Setup NetWare Server To Use NFS

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Reload 3.0


How do you setup Reload to use a NFS mount to backup the post office or domain on a NetWare system?


By default Reload will use a NCPMount to backup the post offices or domains on the NetWare server. You may also use NFS to mount and backup the post office or domain on a NetWare server. This requires a bit of setup, but can provide another method of mounting from Linux to NetWare.One major advantage of using NFS rather than NCP is that NFS is a lot faster and can increase performance for backing up data.

To setup NFS for a NetWare system follow these steps:

1) On the NetWare system locate the exports file. Usually located under sys:/etc. Edit this file.
2) Add a line specifying the path to export, and the export options desired.  It is easiest to append this line to the end of the file. Enter in the volume name where the post office or domain resides.
/volumeName -nwmode -rw -root
Note: It is NOT recommended to give rw access and especially root access to every machine, as the above syntax does.  This allows any system to connect to the NFS mount, and for that system's root user to be treated as a superuser on the exported file system.  If you wish to secure it further you may specifiy which servers you wish to have connect to it and therefore restrict others. To do this add a = (equals) and then the server or subnet after the form of access you are restricting.  For example:
"-rw=host1" or "-root=@".  Please see comments in sys:/etc/export or NetWare online documentation for more information.

You may also specify the path down to the post office directory and domain directory.  If that is the case you will need to enter two paths, one for the post office and one for the domain.  For example:
/volumeName/domain -nwmode -rw -root
/volumeName/po -nwmode -rw -root
Make sure to save the changes of the exports file.

3)  Locate the NFSTART.NCF file. This is usually located in the SYS:SYSTEM directory or where the NetWare and GroupWise NLM's are located.
Change the line:  "load xnfs" to "load xnfs -nodnscheck"
Save the changes.

4)  Restart NFS.
In the system console screen type: nfsstop.ncf
Then type: nfsstart.ncf

5)  Setup Reload to connect to the NFS.
If initially setting up a profile create the profile and use a Linux /NFS connection.
Go through the steps to create the profile as recorded in the documentation. Once you get to the option to choose the Server Platform follow the steps below.

If you have the profile already created modify the connectivity settings and change it over to NFS.

Select Connectivity.
Select Yes to modify the connectivity settings on the next screen.

Select Linux
On the next screen specify if it is standard or cluster.

Specify the exports path for Reload to use to connect to the post office or domain to connect. This is the path that was setup in the EXPORTS file on the NetWare server.

Proceed further to the next screens to test and refresh the profile. Once it is successful Reload will now backup the post office or domain using NFS.

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