What are the four state checkboxes?

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  • 17-Feb-2009
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What are the four state checkboxes?


The locks you see next to the options are always visible on the Antivirus scanning settings, but are invisible, and unavailable to configure for the rest of the system, unless you enable the option “Enable Four State Checkboxes”. The four state checkbox allows setting the ‘gold locks’ on any checkbox in the rest of the system. A closed lock indicates an overriding option. (This overrides any exceptions or settings in the rest of the system.) Four state locks are a powerful option and they are not standard in any area except in the Antivirus section. Both images show here are set to the same setting: always block, never quarantine. For the events that these settings are active for, the messages will always be blocked and never quarantined, regardless of exceptions or other actions that are active on that message.

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