Unloading UKAV (Java Interpreter)

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  • 22-Oct-2008
  • 07-Aug-2017


GWAVA 4 NetWare
NetWare 6.5 SP5+


The UKAV or the java interpreter is a module that Kaspersky uses as a display for when it receives signature updates. It also can show you any errors if the updates fail. The UKAV will continue to run even when GWAVA or the Kaspersky processes are still running.  At times you may need to unload the UKAV. You may need to unload if:
   you need to recreate the port number the java interpreter is connected
   you need to shut down the entire Kaspersky service for troubleshooting purposes.
   How do you unload the ukav (java interpreter)?


To unload the java interpreter follow these steps:

1) Unload GWAVA. (type GWAVADN in the system console screen)

2)        Unload Kaspersky:
In the system console screen type:
           unload gwavakav
           unload kavscan
           unload gwavavsa
           unload kavlib
           unload address space=gkav
Note: You must unload the kasperksy modules in this order. This will prevent the system from locking up or hanging while unloading the processes.

For more information on unloading Kaspersky refer to this article:

3) Locate the port number that the java interpreter is listening on. You can locate this by typing in  java -show in the system console screen. The 'ID' column on the right shows you the port number it is listening on.

4) Type: java -kill<id number> (For example: java -kill1157)
Note: there is no space between kill and the number. This is NOT a typo.

That will shut down the java interpreter. (UKAV)

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