Update Reload to the latest FTF - proxy server authentication

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  • 02-Oct-2008
  • 29-Aug-2017


Reload (all versions)


How can I update to the latest FTF of Reload when your system requires proxy server authentication?


The Upgrade Utility of Reload isn't currently designed to work with a proxy server. The connection to the GWAVA Reload Upgrade server won't be able to be made, but there is a work around. The *.rpm will need to be downloaded and copied onto the Reload server. Click on this FTF link to download the latest build of Reload.

After the *.rpm had been downloaded, the file will need to be copied to the /opt/beginfinite/reload/upgrade directory on the Reload server. When running the Upgrade Utility from within the Reload Administration, the /opt/beginfinite/reload/upgrade directory is always checked first for a *.rpm, or *.zip before going online to download the latest rpm file. Once the file is copied into the upgrade directory, then load the Reload Administration by typing reload at the terminal prompt, then go to;


2) Tools - System Tools

3) Upgrade  -  Reload Software Package Upgrade

4) Advanced - Advanced Upgrade Options. 


5) Field-Test - Upgrade to the Latest Field Test Code.  When selecting this option the rest of the upgrade process will continue to completion.  Wait for the upgrade to finish before exiting the screen.

* If your system does not require proxy server authentication, then click here.

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